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Since its creation, RECYCLAMED has been focusing on the well-being of the population and the respect of the environment. The company, thanks to its teams, advocates daily for a proper handling of hazardous wastes.

Conforming to the law and Regulations is our priority !

Movement of waste between countries is regulated since 1989 under the Basel convention. It specifies that all importation of wastes to Europe has to be approved by the importing country, the exporting country and all countries the waste goes through.

For 20 years RECYCLAMED and its experts have been undertaking the work of getting all the correct authorizations to guarantee a seamless tracking of the waste during its journey. All movements of waste RECYCLAMED is in charge of meticulously follow the process dictated by the regulation (EC) n˚ 1013/2006 of the European parliament and of the council of 14 June 2006 modified by the regulations (CE) n˚1379/2007 of 26 November 2007 and n˚308/2009 of 15 April 2009.








Labelling of waste
Identification des déchets
  • The waste producer provides RECYCLAMED with a list of the waste that is to be destroyed (commercial names, weight & volume, amount, total weight, total volume)

  • The producer also provides the Classification of Hazardous Waste (CHW) and the Waste Identification Form (WIF). The latter must contain the danger tags of the product (ADR - IMDG - IATA). RECYCLAMED will assist you in obtaining them.

Validation & Approval of waste that is to be destroyed
  • For safety measures, RECYCLAMED requires a written attestation from the waste producer asserting that the waste that will be treated by RECYCLAMED does not contain radioactive waste.

  • RECYCLAMED will then file an official agreement stating that it agrees to destroy  the waste it is provided with.

Quote and contract signature
Devis & Signature
  • RECYCLAMED produces a quote for the destruction of the waste in accordance with the incoterm chosen by the client (EXW, FOB, DDP).

    A contract is signed between both parties (as dictated by European Regulations).

  • The authorities are notified of the waste movement (export, import, transit).

  • The waste is authorized to depart.

Logistical set-up
  • For shipments via Ex Works (EXW) and Free On Board (FOB), containers are provided to the waste holder for the loading.

  • All the necessary travel documentation is examined by a RECYCLAMED expert or by a trusted associate. A validation is delivered.

  • RECYCLAMED provides all the documents and authorizations linked to the regulations governing the cross-border movement of the waste.

  • RECYCLAMED keeps all involved parties up to date on the different stages of the waste treatment up until its destruction.

Documentation / Proof of destruction
Preuve de la destruction
  • Following the complete destruction of the waste, RECYCLAMED provides a proof that the destruction was done according to the contract terms.

  • An additional fee can be charge if there are noticeable discrepancies between the declared weight of the waste and its measured weight upon its arrival.

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