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Created in 2000s, RECYCLAMED is focused on international logistics, recycling and disposal of high value wastes.

We take care of the withdrawal of your rejected end-of-life products (expired, unsold, discarded) out of the market in countries where you do not trust enough local operators to entrust them with this task.

All actions, especially those related to transport and destruction, are carried out in full compliance with local and international regulations (Basel Convention in particular).

Whether they are dangerous or not, our objectives remain the same: to guarantee a clean and secure destruction, in sites registered and controlled by the administration according to European standards.

Our teams are entirely dedicated to you and adapted to your constraints.


Our team fights every day to preserve the environment, your reputation and your economic interests.




Your waste is an integral part of your activity, as such, we want to help you optimize your costs and protect your liability

Properly destroy discarded medecines today to protect health tomorrow...

The transport and disposal of waste around the world is a small and very specific area.


Many countries and organizations do not have the needed and efficient structures for a proper destruction of hasardous wastes.


We guarantee a responsible and certified handling to protect surrounding population.

Properly destroy discarded pharmaceutical products to protect businesses and jobs...

Outdated drugs have been found on parallel markets disturbing pharmacists by introducing illegal competition.

- Purchase of drugs in those illegal channels may cause significant risks to consumer's health.

- Expired drugs trafficking goes beyond borders. According to the International Federation of the medicine industries, illegal drug trade is potentially far more profitable than heroin trade.

- This traffic can become a source of discord between distributors and manufacturers and can cause difficulties in Quality System Management.

- Clean and secure destruction of drugs may be the object of communication to local populations (highlighting the beneficial action of the Ministry of health).

- They can be an opportunity for a diplomatic action with the French Health Ministry, to promote concerted action.

- Clean destruction of hazardous wastes can be used in medias for highlighting the local political action and collaboration between export and import countries

Destroy in our plants : security and peace of mind


- Destruction is made in our French facility which is fully compliant with EU regulation and controlled by the French administration. It is subject to extremely rigorous periodic monitoring.

- Destruction is operated by professionals in an energy producing facility.

- Destruction of outdated drugs is always controlled by customs service.

- Recyclamed shows responsibility and accountability to the French Environment Ministry.

Properly destroy outdated pharmaceutical products to protect the environment...


All the necessary documents are accessible in real time in order to track the contract’s progress.



We see maintaining a sincere relationship with our partners as essential. As such, all our partners have renewed their contracts at least once.



Our trusted collaborators produce an attestation of proper destruction of waste that comply with the all industry standards.


Our teams are at your disposal during the whole process. They inform you on the progress relating to the handling and destruction of your waste.

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